Staffing challenges in healthcare facilities are a constant. In 2022, shortage of staff led to nearly three million HSE home care hours lost. Meanwhile, 6,000 people remain on waiting lists.

The journey to maintaining a robust workforce in nursing homes is riddled with challenges, from fluctuating demand to unexpected absences. 

So, this blog post aims to shed light on the prevalent staffing challenges faced by long-term care facilities and how our tailored solutions can make a difference.

Recognising and Confronting Staffing Challenges

The cornerstone of addressing staffing challenges in long-term care facilities lies in acknowledging their existence. 

These challenges manifest in unpredictable fluctuations in patient census, seasonal variations, and unexpected staff absences, all of which can strain an organisation’s ability to deliver consistent and high-quality care.

The Direct Impact on Patient Care

Shortages in staffing have a direct impact on patient care, potentially compromising the quality of service provided. 

For instance, overworked and stressed-out employees may experience burnout, affecting both their well-being and the well-being of the residents.

For this reason, ensuring adequate staffing levels is crucial for maintaining the standard of care. Moreover, it is essential to fostering a positive environment for both staff and residents.

Solution Spotlight: On-Demand Staffing Services

To be prepared for the unexpected, partnering with a staffing agency can be the best solution. 

BHC Agency is dedicated to providing on-demand staffing solutions tailored to alleviate the staffing challenges in long-term care facilities. 

Our flexible staffing solutions are specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of healthcare organisations, in cases like:

  • need for temporary staff during peak times;
  • relief staff for unexpected absences;
  • additional personnel to meet increased demand,
  • covering annual and parent leaves.

Unpacking the Benefits of On-Demand Staffing

Flexibility at its Core

Understanding the dynamic nature of the healthcare industry, our agency provides a flexible pool of qualified professionals ready to step in when needed. This ensures that staffing levels can be adjusted seamlessly according to demand.

Quality Assurance 

Our stringent screening and training processes guarantee that the staff we provide are highly skilled and qualified. This not only maintains the standard of care but also ensures compliance with industry regulations.


By opting for on-demand staffing services, facilities can save on overhead costs without compromising on staffing levels during peak periods, making it a cost-effective solution.

Strategic Partnership for Success

At BHC Agency, we grasp the unique challenges faced by long-term care facilities in overcoming Staffing Challenges. 

Our commitment is to be your strategic partner, offering on-demand staff, relief staff, and temporary staff to address and mitigate the challenges you encounter.

Staffing Challenges in Long-Term Care Facilities: A Flexible Approach

In conclusion, a proactive and flexible approach is vital for addressing Staffing Challenges in Long-Term Care Facilities. 

Partnering with BHC Agency ensures that healthcare organisations can meet their staffing needs promptly, enabling them to focus on providing exceptional care to residents. Together, we navigate the complexities of the healthcare workforce, building a more resilient future for long-term care.